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"This fascinating e-book will show you step-by-step how to get started using micro controls on your model railroad. It will show you ways to give a little hard-working microcontroller supremacy over the power hungry old technology, and how you can add that intelligence to your layout."

Use Arduino micro-control technology for:

Rolling stock and scenery lighting control and effects, street lamps, illumination of buildings, emergency vehicle lights, campfires, welding effects, tall structure anti-collision lighting, turnout operation, solenoid, servos/motors, block occupancy detection, infrared, current sense, right of way signal lighting, semaphores, crossing gate and signal operation, flashers, gate arms, turntable control, draw and lift bridge control, DCC testing, fast time clock, wireless controls, scenery sound control, lighting fixture day-night control.

The hard work has been done for you -

"This e-book is the culmination of more than a year's work including: extensive research, coding, testing, writing, taking photos, drawing diagrams, making videos etc. So, there's no need for you to go through the same trials and tribulations. The results are all laid out in an easy to follow format, ready for you to apply and use."

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The best model railroad layouts feature highly detailed and accurate scenery. We all know that models look great when they are surrounded by steep mountains and deep gorges that feature long bridges and rushing water below, and we take a lot of care as modelers to make those settings as realistic as possible.

Adding the Realism of a Real Railroad Miniaturized to Scale

But the real purpose of any railroad is transportation, and that means that at some point the railroad has to interact with an urban environment of some kind. In the real world, railroad rolling stock is large and powerful machinery, so that makes it hazardous to operate and to be near.

Safety has been a key issue since the early days of railroading, and as time has passed, the use of signaling lights has become standard on prototypical railroads. These have progressed from kerosene lanterns to modern light emitting diode (LED) signals on today’s high speed light rail and long haul routes.

railroad signals

Position, color and action all play a part in warning and control of railroad equipment as it moves around humans and other machinery, so that’s where micro controllers can help you perfectly replicate the realistic details of a full-size railroad on your scale model railroad. This e-book will show you how easy it is to get started with Arduino projects to control lights, sounds, trains, and accessories on your model railroad.

A Quick Word or Two about Olden Times

Those of us in the model railroading hobby today are fortunate to have such a wealth of technology to make it easy to create layouts that are incredibly realistic. It wasn’t always so, and often the devices available in the pre-digital era used a lot of power. Many of those artifacts have disappeared forever, but some remain because the function they serve or the realism they offer isn’t practical or possible with modern electronics.

Model railroading technology has come along way since the 1950's

old model railroad photo

Here's the Clever, Low Cost, Step-By-Step Way to
More Flexibly Control Your Model Railroad Accessories

What we DO have now days is an intelligent and inexpensive way to more flexibly control some of those train accessories. The problem is; they still use a lot of power. HOWEVER, micro controls have the smarts to operate them efficiently and easily.

From Then ‘til Now…

The digital revolution in model railroading has been around for quite a while. Digital Command and Control (DCC) systems have broken the $100 barrier and can be found even on small layouts. There are many companies who are making specialized digital control products that serve a single purpose such as throwing turnout points. Most of the products can be installed by anyone who can hook up a couple of color-coded wires correctly, and will perform quite satisfactorily.

But there is an Obvious Problem

Implementing a lot of such hardware on a medium to large layout can start to become very expensive very quickly.
The brains of the products described above are generally a special purpose electronic chip or set of chips that depend on individual electronic components to do a single operation. For example, you probably can’t find a stationary turnout decoder that can also operate as a remote block occupancy detector.

Now for the Solution...

Why expend all that power, layout space and expense when you can have a very few small more powerful brains that will do all the thinking and then tell the layout accessory what to do?

model railroad electronics 

Micro Controllers Have Many Uses For Model Railroads and Other Projects

In the past few years, the notion of a small computer to control several functions has been put into wide use. Appliances, automobiles and environmental systems all use these “micro controllers” to accomplish their tasks.

What Does a Microcontroller Do?

A micro controller is a very small computer which is designed to do one or just a few simple tasks over and over again. It will usually be found taking measurements, turning things on and off and often displaying results.

All that needs to be done for a microcontroller to change from turning on your coffee pot in the morning to operating your furnace is the difference of a few lines of computer instructions. The obvious benefit is that thousands of the same kind of device can be manufactured much more cheaply, and the instructions for it all work the same way.

model railroad led lights

Here's What a Microcontroller Can Do for Your Model Railroad?

Here’s a short list of microcontroller uses for model railroaders:

Scenery and rolling stock lighting control and effects

  • Street lamps
  • Structure Illumination
  • Emergency vehicle lighting
  • Campfires
  • Welding
  • Tall structure anti-collision lighting

Turnout operation

  • Solenoid
  • Servo/Motor

Block occupancy detection

  • Infrared
  • Current Sense

Right of way signal lighting

  • Lights
  • Semaphores

Crossing gate and signal operation

  • Flashers
  • Gate Arms

Turntable control

  • Draw and lift bridge control
  • DCC testing
  • Fast time clock
  • Wireless controls
  • Scenery sound control
  • Lighting fixture day-night control
using model railroad controls

The Quickest & Easiest Way to Get Started
With Model Railroad Micro Controls

This PDF e-book (it's very quick to download), will explain the Arduino micro controller and precisely what it can do. It will also provide a step by step tutorial to get it communicating with your computer. You’ll be ready to begin experimenting or developing your own uses around your model railroad layout and/or projects around your home.

You’ll discover:
  • What you’ll need to get started
  • Where to begin – the Arduino basics explained
  • Where to download free software for your mini controls
  • How Arduino works
  • What micro controls can be used for
  • The “ground rules” and common mistakes to avoid
  • How to use your computer for programming
  • How to write a program
  • Step by step Arduino tutorials (with short video clip demonstrations)
  • What’s a blink test, and how to do it?
  • EXPLAINED: Resistors and transistors, and why they’re so important
  • LED tutorial
  • Code to create your own:
    • Locomotive Visibility Flasher
    • Emergency Vehicle/Light Bar Flashers
    • Electric Arc Welding
    • Flickering Flame
    • Incandescent Obstruction Lighting
  • Creating strobe lights and short flashes
  • Another way to use output pins
  • Resistor color codes demystified
  • Switching incandescent lamps and other power-hungry devices
  • REVEALED: Using the transistor as a switch
  • Care and feeding of transistors
  • Other lighting suggestions
  • A quick base resistor calculator for transistor work
  • How to use micro controls for automation and animation
  • Integrating with DCC - What you need to know
  • Using micro controllers as a block occupany detector
  • EXPLAINED: How Arduino can prevent derailments and throw a turnout
  • Using Arduino as a programmable motor controller
  • How to use a servo for linear, straight line, or round and round motion
  • Using Arduino to do math calculations
  • PLUS - Access to my personal list of the best video project tutorials and useful resources. Locating these on your own could take days or weeks.
  • And so much more!




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This e-book takes only about minute to download (depending on the speed of your internet connection), ready for you to save on your computer, on a memory stick, or even on a disk. Even though it is a technical subject, it is written in easy-to-understand English with everything explained step by step. There are lots of diagrams and photos to explain the steps, and there's even links to several tutorial videos demonstrating the results with Arduino.

You are no doubt concerned that valuable infomation like this is going to cost you an arm and a leg... but, there's no need to worry.

Others have told me I should be charging hundreds more, considering the research and knowledge that went into preparing this e-book... especially when you consider how much time and frustration it could save you trying this work out this stuff on your own.

"Getting Started With Model Railroad Micro Controls is
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Put simply; Getting Started With Model Railroad Controls will save you money, time, and hours of frustration... and, if you are decisive and download now, you can pick it up for a genuine bargain price of ONLY $39.97 today! - and that even includes the following FREE BONUS MANUALS.



computer model railroads

 Computer Intellience For Your Model Railroad will help you decide which new technolgies will best meet the requirements of your model railroad.

LED for model trains

The A.B.C's of L.E.D's is packed with photos showing how to get started.


This Computer Intelligence For Your Model Railroad manual helps you compare the new technologies. You'll discover how computers and electronics can not only add realism and interest to your model railroad, they'll also save you money. Discover:

  • How track switching can be less expensive and take much less time than old technology.
  • Which technology is best for turning things on and off; or responding to signals; or displaying conditions on an LCD screen; or tracking rolling stock movements.
  • Is there an advantage to using a microcomputer when a microcontroller might do the job just as well and more cheaply?
  • What's the difference between the two?
  • And much more!

The A.B.C's of L.E.D's manual is a great introduction to using this clever money-saving technology on your railroad. Discover:

  • Advantages & disadvantages of LED's
  • Uses for LED's on a model railroad
  • Types of LED's
  • How they work
  • How to select the right current limiting resistor
  • And much more!

L.E.D lights save power and give off less heat (lower fire risk) than convensional lights. Properly installed an LED light can easily outlive the motor in a locomotive - 35,000 or more hours of operation is not uncommon.

So for just $39.97, you'll not only get the Micro-Controllers e-book, you'll also get the informative LED and COMPUTER INTELLIGENCE manuals absolutely free.

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model railway micro controls ebook

$39.97 is a mere fraction of what this level of technical information and expertise is really worth. It's taken more than a year to thoroughly research and test the various ideas and projects... and, to lay them out in a simple to understand way with the help of step-by-step photos, diagrams, charts, and supporting video tutorials.

Think of how long doing all this yourself would set you back in terms of time, money and sheer frustration. It's just a fraction of what this valuable resource is really worth, compared to the months of effort, and extra money you'll save by having this specialized knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

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One of the greatest features of the Arduino micro control system for the model railroader is being a learning tool. Modern DCC layouts are a marriage of older technology from the early electric toy train days and solid state devices with computer control. This comprehensive e-book show a number of exercises from start to finish. Experimenting with the Arduino in these exercises and those you invent for yourself naturally teach you everything you need to know in order to understand layout technology in the 21st century. If you are a youngster just starting out, developing an interest the world of microcomputers and programming can lead you into a very rewarding and lucrative career for life. Enjoy!